Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What You See Can Be What You Feel

Sometimes when you get up in the morning, you feel absolutely great.

And when you look in the mirror you see something more or less like this:

And then there are those (other) days that what comes back at you (with seeming great and unrelenting ferocity) is more like this:

Of course,what you see often depends on what you were doing the night before!

But then there is every day ...

... that you want to feel these!

And realize they will make you feel (and look) great - whatever you were doing last night!


  1. How did you get a picture of my last boyfriend (#3)

    Alan down in Florida

  2. Well, here's to you (and me and everyone who visits your blog) to have much less times when they look in the mirror and see the hog (hedge hog?)

    And here's to all of us to have someone waiting in our beds like that last guy!!! Whooo!! Have any idea who he be?

  3. warthog - but i bet we all see different things - and some of us see hot porn stars instead of peacocks - i do at times - LOL

    and guys like those to from time to time -better check if there's one there at the moment!


  4. hey alan

    cos he's a bigamist - being my boyfriend too!!!

  5. Very clever post. Love all the pix, even the hog.

  6. hey rick

    you know that situation where the witch gives you one wish - and you wish to be one of the hot guys - and by mistake you say 'number 3' and end up as the warthog!!!!


  7. The warthog picture is fantastic! And the Fratmen boi just below is one of my favs. I'd love to inspect that pronounced circumcision scar in person.

    John in Palm Springs

  8. hey john

    there's no confusing #4 and # 4 that's for sure!

    i'd only drag one of them into bed - guess which!