Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Facebook as the New Global Village

Just realizing the potential of Facebook as the new global village!

In a world where we are all feeling more and more alienated from each other (I haven't the faintest clue who my neighbours are), it's encouraging to find a place where this trend is startlingly reversed.

I recently joined the Facebook community at the insistence of an acquaintance, and, with nothing better to do with my time, started searching there for old friends. And then, with even more time on my hands, for people much better known than my buddies i.e. famous persons.

Cyberspace seems to be the post of the C19, where you are alone in some distant part of a country and your social relationships are realized by correspondence - the daily mail (or, in my case, males).

So having sleuthed down a few from my first category and reconstituted them into parallel 'Facebook friends', I decided to turn my attention to famous bods.

And tentatively sent out a single request for 'friendship'.

And then the totally unexpected happened!

The totally fabulous famous person responded - encouragingly! And we have had some exchanges - not going to try to make more of it than that! We are not about to start phoning or visiting or living together! But a bit of interaction is good!

I don't 'kiss and tell' but you can visit me at to find out who and to eaves-drop!

In the meantime, four hints could be:

So off to Facebook my friends!


  1. I got hooked on Facebook for a short while a couple of years ago until the number of emails from group administrators and 'friends' I had never heard of previously started to drive me nuts.

  2. hey victor

    i'm still a Facebook virgin (well, nearly) - tho i've had my share of unknown friends already!

    all people visiting my blog are of course instant Facebook friends if they want!


  3. Hey there Nick, my fb friend of yore. I totally give up on your celeb friend as I am in a blue funk (people still use the expression, right?) and couldn't be bothered to look him up (google him - as my elders say) but I do recognize the face so it may be that it's simply too obvious for my (wasted) memory to recall.

    Glad you took to fb now. Glad it's working for you in terms of reconnecting with people and striking up with gorgeous folk. Me? I am sorry about your timing (I promised myself I would wean my nerdy self from any social networks as a 2009 New Year's res

    In the meantime, and "in the here blog"(don't you ever dare stop it or go all twittering on us ^_^ or something) LUST the Italian guy, always have lusted Italian guys and there are some hairier, cuter and blonder ones out there, surely? Talk about biting the organ between your ears that feed mine, right?

    TC, Stay Well, Blog On(Posts, not twittering - sorry for harping on te theme so but I just had a terrible experience with 3 consecutive far away friends doing/turning so last Summer. I've had it with that. One should keep cryptically texting one's own inner circle. Not airing its banality for all the world to be entertained with/by) and Log On. I'm always there for you and all that jism :-P


  4. hey pete, my yore ami.

    don't give up - he's very sweet and innocent - unlike me, but i'm pretending to be otherwise - tho not sure if i'm being believed

    FB is a blast - but like all blasts, may be of short duration - but i'm hoping!

    reckon 2009 is, numerologically-speaking, not a good year for exiting - this is all a ruse to keep you round for a bit - is it working, even a tad?

    the italian guy is surreal - maybe i need to get out my magnifying glass and check those images for evident of Photoshop!

    bout the three friends, i always have bertrand russell in mind here - in that amazing bio written in his 80's and 90's, he says that, as he aged, he felt less the need for friends and was more interested in social issues, etc - curiously i get closer to mine but when things go wrong, it doesn't touch me as it used to - holding on but letting go at the same moment.

    if you have not thrown up over this ponderous advice masking itself as wisdom, enjoy the very biggest hugs back!!!