Saturday, November 29, 2008

Old Camphor Wood Boxes and Their Contents

You may well be wondering what the lacy and dainty little dress above has to do ... with an incredibly blokey guy like me.

Well, it happens to be my great grandfather's christening robe. So there!

Not so long ago, it came out of an old camphor wood box at our family home. A box that had been brought as a souvenir in China by my great aunt - an extraordinary woman who traveled the globe in the late C19 ... unaccompanied and sporting one rather not-so-fetching crazy glass eye!

And then I wore this robe at my own christening! Or so I'm told - not that I remember.

The question now is - does this count as drag?

Not that I've done any since - no judgment!


  1. And I'll bet you were thoroughly adorable.

    Consider yourself lucky that you were merely gaily attired and had some water splashed on you. You could have been genitally mutilated like my tribe did to 8 day old me.

    Alan down in Florida

  2. hey alan

    oh geez, :> .. yep, and i have the photos to prove it - even as a tiny baby - have the pics ti prove this too!

    i was mutilated too - another bond we have in common - my father was a surgeon and won't say whether he was the culprit!