Monday, November 24, 2008

Plotting More Potting

Confession time! Hope it's damned good for my soul ... cos in front of you guys, it's costing me - big time.

In an unexpected and Charlotte ('Sex and the City')-like move, I've taken to rabid bowl glazing!

Well, and all the other stuff that goes with it - throwing the things ...

... turning the bases, so they have very cute feet (note the reference to the blog!) ...

... painting them ...

... and finally (and infamously) glazing the little buggers ...

Twice a week - Monday and Thursday nights, 6.30-9pm. For two months. As my first course ... .

Is there any hope for me?

Please say 'yes'!!!

'No' is a seriously dispreferred response - particularly in my approval-seeking state of mind! LOL!!!


  1. Those rabid bowls need to be rounded up and inoculated.

    If you're gonna throw pots can I sit behind you with the Righteous Brothers singing in the background?

    Alan down in Florida

  2. hey alan

    only if you allow me to simultaneously shed copious tears.

    I take that as a 'no' response given the subsequent demise of Demi's pot!


  3. lol - you always seem to bring up something of my (long past) youth, Nick! Actually I used to enjoy fitter farting around that back when I took art class, errr ... even if the results weren't too great! lol

  4. now you have my attention greg! so what's 'fitter farting'?

    won't leave the pouter till i get your answer - LOL!

  5. Nick:
    Sorry old fellow, I have bad news. I'm now a professional potter because I did exactly what you're doing. I took a class.

    There should be a twelve step program for it.

  6. hey 'the new me'

    not bad news at all cos i'm doing this for fun - not with any professional angles

    so my pots and things will amuse me and my friends - absolutely no envy or awe will be excited!