Thursday, November 6, 2008

Candidate for Any Pilot of the Year Award!

This pilot without question gets my vote - in any 'Pilot of the Year (or Decade or Century) Award'.

I am not easily impressed ... so watch and be amazed!

Are you, or are you not, flabbergast?


  1. isn't it !

    usually this kinda stuff makes me yawn a bit

    what i particularly is the way the pilot casually opens the cockpit and jumps out at the end

  2. OMG

    Considering the word THRILL is on the side of the plane do you think this might have been planned?


    Alan down in Florida

  3. Well, some videos like this have been faked before but this one looks real. With the overpowered engine these race acrobat planes have and the skills and practiced coolheatedness (can you really say this in English?) of their pilots the whole story seems possible. I bet he was up to a great nite with his wife after this. Thus back to the topic of this blog - how about a theme vid "hunky pilots' survival party" (just kidding).

  4. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the vid's fake.

    Would've been a sick landing though.

  5. The youtube consensus seems to be that the video is a fake, probably done to promote the stunt operation, whose brandname is so clearly visible.

    A remote-controlled model plane is what appears in much of the footage.

  6. I HATE to fly & I used to travel alot....BUT with this guy, I would entrust my life at anytime!!!


    PS:I'm posting this on my blog...I hope it's ok with you!

  7. hey tony

    i'm going to ask for him to be the pilot next time i book an airline ticket!

    sure - spread it around - i was sent it by a friend who was probably sent it by a friend, etc.

    take care


  8. I can't help but wonder why the plane has, what looks like, "thrill" on it? Was that some kind of dare-devil stunt with only one wing?

    Still, that is one hell of a pilot!

  9. well guys, i'm surprised that i'm this gullible - i was totally taken in - all the jerky filming with the plane going in and out of shot seemed such real amateur stuff! need to take some more brain pills!

  10. hey greg

    i'm finding myself wanting to believe the footage is real - cos, as you say, he'd be a hell of a pilot!