Thursday, November 27, 2008

Film Inside Le Moulin Rouge in the 1890s and A Bit More of La Goulue (Louise Weber, 1866-1929)

I've done a couple of posts on Le Moulin Rouge in the late C19 and its most famous star, La Goulue, Louise Weber.

I've just found four more very tiny (not good quality :<) pieces of footage - place and person. The first and second give a close-up of La Goulue around the turn of the century - as proprietress of her own tent show at a fair, accompanied by her little monkey in a cage.

Clip 2

The first also shows La Goulue doing a few dance steps in front of her caravan home round 1925, the film beginning a little before the footage I posted previously.

The third clip has what seems to be a parade entering the outdoor garden of Le Moulin Rouge - there is the same raised stage with an orchestra that you see in the old photographs.

Clip 3

The final clip has two sequences.

One of 'dancers' flirting with top-hatted patrons at tables inside Le Moulin Rouge, probably somewhere between 1895 and 1900.

And the other, a close-up of the outside of the famed establishment, traffic passing by.

Clip 4

I wonder what's going to turn up next!


  1. "I've done a couple of posts on Le Moulin Rouge in the late C19"

    Wow dude - using the Internet is the 1800s. You a vampire or something? You don't look a day over 38.

    Have a great time. Today's the day we stuff this turkey with turkey and stuffing. Enough tryptophan an I might nape through my eBay auctions and save myself some money.

    Alan down in Florida

  2. LOL alan!

    had hoped that "Le Moulin Rouge in the late C19" would be said on one tone group, intonation-wise.

    two tone groups and perhaps i'd better check in the mirror! LOL

    had an eBay phase - even without the amino acid! and - worse - an auction episode - tribal art and paintings were my semi-downfall!