Monday, November 24, 2008

Unexpected Things

I was wandering round over the week-end and quite unexpectedly came across a pond of lilies in full bloom.

Yellow ...

... and purple ones ...

Some bubbles rose to the surface and joined together, reminding me of the haiku ...

The moment two bubbles
are united, they both vanish.
A Lotus blooms.
Kijo Murakami (1865-1938)

And I'd just gone to the shop to get some milk!!!


  1. I forgot where you happen to live, Nick, but its obvious that its somewhere with a warmer climate! lol
    Its great to stop to enjoy the wonders of nature once in awhile, even in a gay (mostly porn) site!

  2. hey greg

    sydney and we're going into summer - all those acres of skin at the beach!!!

    and yep, i need an occasional break is necessary ... maybe!

  3. Oh yeah, thats right, you are another one of them thar hot aussies!

  4. hey greg

    yeah, the weather is about to heat me up at least - sometimes gets to 40 in summer - i'll be real real hot then!!!