Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Superman came from Jerry Siegel (writer) and Joe Shuster (artist). They were high school classmates who published the fanzine 'Science Fiction'. In the January 1933 issue, 'The Reign of Superman appeared, with superman becoming a villan after gaining his super power - shades of Dr Frankenstein's delusions.

Later in 1933, Siegel saw the alternative potential of Superman as hero. However, the draft story 'The Superman' was rejected by the publisher they approached.

In 1934, the team re-worked our super hero in a comic format.

What's interesting to see is how the image of Superman evolved, becoming at whatever time each of us encountered him, one of our earliest homoerotic fantasies. Well, for me at least!

While I was intrigued by the man of steel's ability to fly, etc, it was his sexual charge that was prime. In the fifth cartoon(though awkwardly drawn), it's something about the twist of the body and his open muscular legs and available crotch. And in the tenth, the bulging muscularity of his shoulders and the harmonious sculptural forms and poses, shapes that rival/mimic Michaelangelo's nudes.

The last cartoon is from 2004 - beyond my experience of the comic - but it's kewl to see how our man of steel is still evolving.

I used to have dreams of flying. Didn't we all! For some of us, more chemically fuelled of late. In the earlier version, I would be running along, arms out, wondering if I could get up (!) and then there were those rare nights I soared into the air, usually to splutter down, Icarus-like.

The significance of all this I later understood from Jung. So it's easy to see Superman's appeal - he seems to be tapping into very basic human desires and motivations.

Now, Brandon Routh! Wow - what a hot new version - looks as though he's been drawn by a cartoonist and then made flesh and blood. The third (crotch) shot comes from TV series - anyone know which one?

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Brian - Reed Massengill

I've been reading/looking at a book 'Brian: A Nine-Year Photographic Diary' by Reed Massengill (FotoFactory Press, California), an American photographer who recorded a young guy's evolution from a curly-haired kind of post-hippie thru skin-heading to tatoo-ing and self-mutilation (scarification) and then some way back. I'm posting a few pics from the book to give its flavour. But I realize it's not representative cos I've only selected the ones that stop page turning!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Discovery of Mental Derangement
in Scanners!

My scanner had a (fortuitous) mental breakdown today - and I now have its before and after psychic states!

The original pic (the first one!!!) is by Bill Henson.

How To Look After Your Husband

And now for something completely different! Times have changed ... most places. Genuine article from 'Home Economics', 1950.

C19 Gay

Just looked thru an interesting blog ( by 'Danial, the Guy in the Desert'. It has a number of early photographs of lovers, if you read them properly, and some chat bout whether other family members realized their relative and his 'friend' were gay.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


This blog is about to veer off course - an identity crisis!

I made a trip thru Mongolia recently and was looking at the pics - and was amazed at the incredibly minimal landscape - just the blue of the sky and yellow of the steppes.

The second pic is the local hang-out cafe - the first scrip is Mongolian (Khalkha Mongol), and the others (obviously) Chinese and English.