Monday, November 17, 2008

John Frederick Kensett (1816-1872) - A Few Beautiful Mid-C19 New England Land and Seascapes

The paintings:

Nothing to be said - just viewed.


  1. Do you think it possible that seascapes leave me cold because I'm a sun sign (Leo)?

    Alan down in Florida

  2. hey alan

    could be!

    grew up next to the ocean - well, a very large bay off the ocean - so for me it's kinda nostalgic

    but each to their own of course

    love the un-peopled nature of these scapes - desolate and remote - my mood today? nah, but could be contributing!

    take care


  3. I loved that 2nd picture.
    I have to wonder how that one and the 3rd "scape" looks now.

  4. hey greg

    #2 is my fav too - looks so modern - have it as my desktop pic

    reckon a lot of the scapes have changed since the mid C19


  5. I love his work....they're almost and sea. Up close at the Boston Museum you can see that he's almost an impressionist...lots of colors go into his rocks and his water.

  6. hey marksparky

    you are right - it's the minimalist quality that i think makes the paintings seem so modern, tho they are last quarter of the C19.

    interesting to hear what you ahve to say about how the works are close up

    i bought a forrest haughton not so long ago - 'quiet waters' - its on my blog main page, right hand column about half way down - another somewhat minimalist C19 landscape - tho close up its still attempts naturalism in its extreme detail of technique

    good to hear from you