Monday, February 2, 2009

Scrotums as Pets? No, Just Naked East African Mole Rats

No this is not the product of some rather creative Hollywood workshop - though it's probably been the inspiration for more than a few film fantasy monsters:

And I haven't been doing funny things with my scrotum just to amuse everyone, though ... I won't go there!

Or browsing installations at more avant garde art galleries ...

Just watching a David Attenborough documentary on mole rats, a kind of hairless East African burrowing rat that lives mainly underground and tunnels huge and complex networks in search of the tubers on which it subsists.

They live up to 28 years of age which, apart from being a good advertisement for tubers, has lead to investigation of its genome.

Their social structure is a bit like that of ants and bees, where there's a single breeding female and two or three consorts in each borrow complex - with the rest of the colony being tuber hunter-gatherer workers.

Only a mother could ... you know the rest!

Now if you wanna see a living example, up close and personal ... best thing to do is drop your jocks and take a good long look between your legs - LOL!!!


  1. So funny! The mole rats following the pics below of Kurt Diesel and his beautiful scrotum. Maybe you could recommend to George Duroy that he use some of these East African lovelies in his next BelAmi flick. He did make one entitled "Out of Africa" with Sasha Chaykin and a bunch of the other boys. Don't recall seeing any mole rats though. LOL. This is the greatest blog! How many times have I said that, but it is, really.

  2. Those poor things live up to 28 years? lol
    Beauty is in the eye of ..... something.

  3. hey chaz

    thanks very much for the appreciation - i get so much fun and stimulation out of doing this blog and i'm glad someone else can get something out of it too

    hadn't thought of the fortuitous sequence involving the kurt diesel post! LOL

    i'm going follow your suggestion and email george duroy - perhaps a LessBelAmi Issue?

    good to hear from you again!


  4. hey greg

    no, actually they usually live to over 100 but choose to suicide in their twenties - for some reason or other

    or is it by looking each day in the mirror for long periods, they stretch their usual life expectancy from round five years to nearly thirty!

    what do you reckon?

    i go for the second theory!


  5. One Who Lived To Regret It.February 3, 2009 at 7:05 AM

    I have something living between my legs that just loves being inside dark tunnels. I'm not sure if it's searching for tubers, and I think it generally leaves more in the tunnel than it finds... but it gets great pleasure out of being in there...

  6. hey josh

    i think if you do go searching in dark tunnels you will find a tuber - of sorts.

    and if you look between your legs but even further a field you'll find you have your very own alice-in-wonderland-white-rabbit situation

    if you you go exploring, share the experience