Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Very Best Kind of 'Multi-Tasking'

And I thought everyone always did it this way!

At least in the meet-and-get-to-know-you phase!


  1. Moi aussi, J'├ętait certain this is the way it has always been and providing a little helping hand (grabbing a hold of one's fellow man, so to speak) has always been the way to go when you gotta go public and a threesome happens to form (with me it used to be a "entre nous cinque who just happened to follow the obvious Alpha Cock kind of thing" but hey, I've had less. And in far less spotlessly, squeaky (lol) clean places.
    Incidentally, how was your birthday? Or did I get the day wrong by taking you up on your FB profile? Whichever the case was I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Fabulous would be very nice too. Horny? Who are we kidding, right? It only gets hornier with the years, in both organs' cases and hotter in the opposite time/age flow... Sort of. Well you must know what I mean when rambling by now, surely?
    Take Care, Stay Well, Blog On (we missed you in the intermezzo or interlude or something of not posting here)

    AntiPt/Pro-Peter Peter

  2. hey pete

    yep, i'm with you in public embroidery (gritty and otherwise) - when two is crocheted to thre or ... ? i think the only limit is the imagination.

    the birthday went a treat - with some 'quality time' (the ugliness of the phrase still astounds me!) with the BF.

    all organs were tested - only to check they were still in the best working order - i have been issued with s pink slip to certify the fact!

    take care and look forward to hearing from you again!

    hugs and big sloppies!


  3. Awwww shucks, I missed your birthday!
    Hopefully you had a great time...?

    Funny little skit there.
    Where did ya find it ?

  4. hey greg

    look, i'm not precise-day-obsessed - never have been - if people make any moves in the birthday direction with me - i'm pretty pleased - so thanks!

    a friend sent it - it looks like the beginning of an ad for beer or smoking, you know - nothing stops when you drink/smoke 'golden cigar.

    what do you think?

  5. One Who Lived To Regret It.February 17, 2009 at 11:40 AM

    Nick, happy birthday, however late the greetings may be they're heartfelt.

    I downloaded this into the laptop and when Toby (my college roommate) returned I showed it to him, and he hasn't stopped laughing. It's slowly making the roungs of UNCW and after his brother sees the email we sent it will migrate all over Univ. of Syracuse as well. Oh, gods, this was SO funny.

    Had to share verification word is furfs... aren't they the curlies in the secret place behind the scrotum?

  6. As I watched it all I could think of is that it would never be aired in the Puritanical States Of America.

    Alan down in Florida

  7. hey josh

    yep, it's pretty cute, isn't it!

    LOL bout your verification word! it NEEDS a word, considering how much time i spend with furfs! and when they form a dark single curl - it's enough to get me over the edge!

  8. hey alan

    yep, i understand what you are saying - i saw an american movie tonight on TV - the couple were in the bath at home and ... the woman had her bra on and was washing her body and over her bra - total total madness!