Friday, February 20, 2009

Daffodils - Variation on a Theme

Daffodils are of course one of the first signs that spring is on its way. They used to pop up all over our front lawn at home - as if by some kind of magic. Breaking any rules about flowers being in garden beds.

They're also a sign that the season of increasing and sap-rising friskiness is imminent. We're just animals, after all. Well, I am - I don't know about you guys! Who may spend those same hours lost in the translation of obscure medieval Latin texts about ... whatever esoteric topic it is that you loose yourself in.

Daffodils are so amazingly and almost unbelievably fresh-looking - and with a scent the same. Nothing what-so-ever to remind you of the nasty musky odor of that leather cub's furry crack a couple of posts ago!

Now, browsing round Google Images, I was surprised to find so much variation on the theme!

Wish spring was on its way here now!

Bit sick of all the de-friskiness-making heat of the (on occasion) 45+ degree heat we've had this summer!

Lots of make sloth - and not much make 'love'!


  1. My flowers, Daffodils, Lillies, Tulips, Amaryllis, Hyacinths, Paper Whites, are all coming up. Spring is here in Texas.

  2. hey again ray

    sounds great!

    so envy you there is texas right now!

    we've been watering the garden like mad cos of the heat this year and it seems to have made a micro-climate like asia - things are growing like crazy - for this time of year

    big hugs back


  3. Pretty pics. We're waiting here for the imminent arrival of the lilacs and peonies.

    Alan down in Florida

  4. So nice to see such beautiful flowers, especially at this time of year in Chicago! Great post!

  5. Beautiful always.

  6. het dady's boy


    i've been neglecting these beauties of nature for too long - for other beauties!

    they won't be here for a bit - so posting is the next best thing!

    take care!

  7. hey alan

    lilacs and peonies - sounds like another post to me!

  8. hey anon

    thanks - too beautiful not to post!

    take care


  9. I'm just waiting until I get to see naked men's torsos again!

  10. hey greg

    did i tell you that carter just loves to wander thru open fields, gathering up daffodils?

    always .... just after being to buggery

    and just before i root him again - says it put him in the mood - strange guy but i guess i shouldn't complain

    IF ONLY!!!

  11. sorry, mate - I just HAD to give you this link:

    it's a german TV add for glasses ;-)

    hugz from vienna,

  12. hey conceptual in vienna

    thanks for the URL - i was going to say something about it but realized it might spoil it for others checking it out

    loved it so thanks for taking the trouble to send it

    hugz back!