Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Efficacy of 'Homo Soap'!

I bet many of you have traveled and had the experience of seeing things put in English - as one of those languages, along with French and a few others, that are often used for prestige purposes - no judgment on cultural imperialism here, just stating how it is! So - text that made you wonder.

I recently saw soda pop in South East Asia branded 'Sweat' - and loved the association of bodily fluids with something you drink! As some will also find with ...

Sometimes, however, the meaning is not so transparent.

All this being said, what do you think is the idea behind 'Homo Soap'? What'll it do for you? Or is it just branded in this way to target a certain section of the market?

What do you reckon?

This is a really great opportunity to let your imagination rip!

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