Friday, February 20, 2009

What Does Your Fridge Say About You?

You know how sometimes you look at something familiar but with new eyes ... as though you're seeing it for the first time.

Well today, for me, it was the inside of our fridge.

Now, I must I admit I've just been shopping - and so perhaps the look is a tad more sumptuous and enticing than usual. A comparison-confirmation shot from yesterday would be needed to clinch my reputation as having one of the best fridge interiors on the block!

Okay, so what does the inside of our icebox say about us?

I'll tell you - mainly that we're very (and I do mean 'very') serious 'foodies'!

In Europe, the French are recorded as spending the greatest percentage of their weekly income on food - between a quarter and a third. Seems about right to me! And put the right value on eating, considering how often we have to do it!

If any proof is needed, beyond my word and a glance inside our fridge, the kitchen bench top spice dish (as opposed to the bursting spice cupboard) is the first part of my evidence ...

... followed but these photos of suman making in train ..

... and concluded with these other assorted feasts, in preparation or about to be devoured ...

.... and this nut-encrusted chocolate brownie dessert ...

Okay guys, your turn to fess up.

Are you foodies too ... or is McDonalds the main gourmet cook in your household?


  1. Finally a post about food!! That looks yummy by the way.
    Then again, I'm french, and love food... as well as the odd McDonalds every now and then. Just like sex, it's all about variety, the right place at the right time, and enjoying life!

  2. hey edwinflag

    i'm always so tempted to post about food - particularly every time we cook something special - which seems more often than not - as you'd expect from serious foodies!

    and there's the occasional big mac here too - which strangely enough we haven't photographed yet!

    my background's french (lyons and paris) so it's probably a gene/cultural/Jungian archetypal thing - not, just piggy bout the stuff!

    and sex - and there is the same variation (actually more) in the quality with sex as with food - i can much more easily guarantee i'll get a good meal than a good root!

    good to hear from you


  3. Sex and food are compatible roots are good!

    Aha, Nick. Me thinks, with your Lyon/Paris linage, NWS is a nom de plume. It begs the question: how did a Frenchman end up in Sydney?

    The photography, BTW, is yummy. And I'm very impressed by the way you and your mate have the fridge organized. Please eat the pears soon.

    John In Palm Springs

  4. "Foodies of the world be awed" was my first thouht on this yummy post. I know, I have used "yummy" far too oten when commenting but I do mean the edible yummy gastronomic variety now. I am a foodie myself and I think it is not all in the genes but to a huge extent it is. Being half portuguese I do know how to cook a mean Cozido and several hundred cod dishes and a dozen or so of "Doces Conventuais"(as in: they were first made up, dreamt of in convents and they are sweet to the point of enough egg yolks to kill you, sugar idem, almonds ibidem and lots of cinnammon and...OK, mouth watering now, much as it did when I first saw - more than read - this post) but my current fridge contents status is rather shameful. Mostly empty and then a few pre-prepared goodies. Fruit juices (at least no sugar or additives), plenty of eggs (see above) and a few cherry tomatoes a bit of lettuce and half a lemon. It simply does not do justice to my culinary talents or potential talents or to my portuguese heritage... I am so going out shopping right now! And cooking my lonesome self something scrumptious later this evening :-P

    Delicious post Mick. Truly :) More along the same lines every now and then? Please? Much obliged


  5. One Who Lived To Regret It.February 20, 2009 at 10:18 AM

    You and my mom would SO get along! I live for the breaks and holidays and vacations from college just to get home to delicious food like this.

    I've only recently discovered Indian cuisine and another whole world seems to have opened up for me. Ethiopian foods are another wonder.

    There's no real reason why college and university food has to be so bland and uninteresting, and poorly prepared. But this seems to be a near universal complaint among students. "The food sucks."

    Gods, this lecture is boring! I'm fighting to keep my eyes open.

  6. My first reaction to your refrigerator was "No wonder he's so thin." The next was "I'll bet his cum tastes sweet."

    Were those pan dan leaves?

    Alan down in Florida

  7. hey alan

    irony or cos all the food was still in the fridge? LOL

    oh sweet jesus! the ideal opportunity to have put some pandan in a post and i blew it - and i have some in the fridge too!

    and yes you are (and taste like) what you eat!

  8. hey john

    yep, the best combination!

    the family moved here from france in 1851 during the gold rush but old patriarch was wise enough to know he'd never find his fortune in the ground - so he planted a vineyard and established a winery. long time ago but there has always been a living tradition of speaking french in the family and visiting family back in france - and i've spent shorter and longer periods there.

    i think the pears are on their way to the compost heap - sadly - the last of a large 'family' who tasted so yummy on their way to my tummy!

    take care

  9. hey peter

    yummy is the most used word in my active vocabulary

    and you are right about the various kinds of yummies about ... reckon it depends the time of day which determines which one is at the top of my list

    yep, it's cultural too - in france at the table (and elsewhere) people talk about food - in a way that non-frogs might think obsessive or strange

    the latest revised view by the medical profession on eggs is that they are fine even in large quantities - as their 'nasties' can only be absorbed in certain small quantities at any one time

    after your post, my mouth is drooling (watering is not the right word) and i now have a new respect for you ... as a cook to be taken seriously

    PS i reckon your fridge status must be temporary given your foodie status - and as you say you're just typed your comment on the way out to your local boulangerie!

    TC + big hugs back


    and BTW i am a master fruit and veg juicer - in magical combinations no less!

  10. hey josh

    i recall discovering thai food - spicy and sweet together - tho people say this is the australin version or adjusted to meet non-thai taste

    Moroccan food can be yum - they do lamb in a thick sweet cream laced with figs and pine nuts!

    reckon the reason is cost my friend - i've worked at unis for a while and the food is universally lousy - tho a few more foodie type cafes are appearing on campus - at a cost

    tooth picks under the eye lids help!

  11. On the third shelf from the top on the door of the fridge, I think I can see moutarde Maille and a little closer to us Robertson's marmalade. If that is the case, please try Robertson's Ginger Marmalade, it is wonderful and this from someone who doesn't love ginger. Ginger is necessary in many recipes, but I don't like it with carrots or veg.
    I put a pandan leaf in rice.

    Food, wine, sex! Three things that make life worth living (along with art literature and music).

  12. hey anon

    you have great eye-sight - maille dijonnaise - a great mayo mustard concoction

    i'm getting robertson's ginger marmalade next time in the super - thanks for the suggestion! ginger is ubiquitous round here - great when cooking various fish dishes. i add a bit when i'm juicing fruit to drink - gives the result a bit of extra bang!

    and speaking of pan dan, an absolute fav with me is buco pandan gelati - it's soft and creamy and ... i want some right now!

    and any meal is only complete with the serving of a naked hottie of the type you like - and some music - do you prefer classical or modern or both?

    and talking of literature, have you read 'the leopard' by lampedusa - one of those books that change your life.

    brekkie is about to get under way here - smoked salmon on fresh ciabatta bread, slathered with honey mustard mayonnaise - with soft blue brie and fresh fruit on the side (strawberries and rock melon)

    so many good things to enjoy!!!!

  13. Wow! And I thought MY fridge was full of stuff!! lol I don't even come close to that!

  14. hey greg

    i did fess up that it was just after a big shop - it's not quite its characteristic look - tho now i think about it, not far off

    ok i'm just a food pigglet!

    and having said this, pork adobo is cooking away on the stove at this very moment.

  15. I took your advice and reserved The Leopard at the library. Thanks.
    Fast food in this house means a Chinese noodle shop, crispy pork, dumpling, and rice noodle for me, please.
    And I make a wicked chicken adobo.
    I was a religious Buddhist for many many years, but I'm an atheist/secular humanist now and I eat meat.
    This army travels on it's stomach.

  16. Actually it was because everything except the last pic looked very healthful. Nothing to fatten you up (am I weird to consider that a titillating idea?)

    Alan down in Florida

  17. hey alan

    maybe it's all the bad things we do to the healthy-looking food - the patis (salty fish sauce), olive oil, butter, cream, nuts (lethal, cholesterol-wise) and and and!

    weird NOT to consider it a titillating idea! LOL

  18. hey lars

    great - you'll love the book, i hope - please tell me your reactions after you've read it - if you have time

    we are big adobo eaters here - using chicken as well as pork

    also crazy bout lechon - roast suckling pig.

    best cooked outside over an open fire. have had this done for us in the philippines a number of times. death by cholesterol though!