Thursday, January 29, 2009

Humanity's Most Shining Achievement

Undertake this ingenious set of calculations:

(A)     Pick you favourite number between 1 and 9

(B)     Multiply it by 3

(C)     Add 3 and multiply by 3 again

(D)     Add the digits of the resulting number  together

Now, using this final number, check the list below to see what you have judged to be the most important achievement of humanity in the last 5000 years:

(1)     The discovery that the world is not flat 

(2)     Michelangelo's painting of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

(3)     The landing of a man on the moon

(4)     The birth of your current partner

(5)     The formulation of the innoculation for the flu
(6)     E  =  M C 

(7)     The building of the Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza

(8)     The invention of plastic

(9)     The blog 'Cute Hairy Blond Guys & the Organ between my Ears'

(1o)    The construction of the decimal number system

Oh, you're such flatterers!

I'm blushing!

But then you're right ... of course!


  1. One Who Lived To Regret It.January 30, 2009 at 4:13 AM

    Ha! I'm forwarding this to a math major I know at another college and tell him to explain it to me. Even without the system i would have picked number nine.

    You rock.

  2. hey anon

    always have been! more blushing? not really! LOL

  3. I kept getting that world is flat thing!! Who would have thought!!

    Had you going there? lol
    Have to admit thats kinda cute.

  4. hey josh

    yep, it is higher mathematics ...

    ... but you're right - it's still pretty easy to get the right answer!!!

    now how can that be!??


    and thanks for your answer!

  5. Well, I cheated and read the answers first. My answer was #9 (lol) and then did the test...

  6. hey eddie

    you show the greatest intelligence in your approach to quiz taking

    and your strategy was proved right on point - by getting the only right answer!!!

    you are a friend for life!