Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some Pretty Nice Photos of Flying Creatures

My fav's are the last two ...

... with the very last one occasionally reconstructed for me ... in nightmares!


  1. Like the snowy owl.

    Alan down in Florida

  2. That fluffy little bird standing on one leg (?) is cute. Where did the pictures come from?

  3. hey keith

    not sure where they came from - jim, a friend of mine, sent them to me

    there was one of some iridescent blue butterflies that i also saw on greg's or ricky's blog so maybe they know

    but they are sweet

  4. hey alan

    yeah i love the owl too - looks as though he's thinking 'now why would you be pointing that camera at me?' and 'i'm standing up very tall for my close-up now so come on if you have to do this kind of thing'

  5. cool I love owls. I live in a suburb of Tulsa right on the edge of town. The city line is at the back edge of my property and a wooded area is behind me. Always hawks and owls about, love to sit out in the pool on a summer night and listen to the owls and coyotes calling.

  6. hey sir's boy

    had an owl go to sleep in a tree in the garden not long ago

    it was much larger than i imagined owls to be - not that i know much about them. it was here all day and only left during the following evening

    i took lots of reasonably clear photos and tried to identify it online