Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Open Your Mouth! Another Dose of Levity

Compliments of My Generous Friend, Alan


  1. Levity always most welcome presence in my ever more erratic online life, so - thanks Nick! (hug-playfulSlap-puppy-lile-lick-Eden)

    There! See how desperate/lucid one can get after one has been internetless for 48 hours. I blame all the deprived & depraved symptoms on my local ISP. And Paris odysset is nearing, so please do try to be a wee bit envious. I know you're quite experienced in Parisian..er..experiences? But I'm just having my first go at 2 weeks Marais-based fun, so bare (do!) with me, OK?

    Humongoud Hugs & Most Merited Kudos,


  2. hey peter. internetless for 49 hours - i'm surprised you survived at all. welcome back to the land of the living! about paris, you'll have to tell me the kind of experiences you are after - i might shock or make you yawn if if start giving info in the wrong direction. wait to hear again then. nick

  3. Nick, me mate

    (an aussie friend has suggested I drop the 'ozzie' adjectivating and add the 'you dag' to every sentence starting "Nick...", but I have no idea what he means, of course)
    Paris? Feel free to info me into shock. I am looking for all sorts of interesting experiences and once in a lifetime opportunities. Opera, ballet and avoidance of tourist traps are already firmly entranched, and I have been re-reading your suggestions of accomodation and superb eateries. Now I only need the parts I have to shock myself into et les môts pour le faire. En suivant une façon naturelle de lasser le chôses 'pass'...

    Merci tant,

    Pierre ;)

    P.S., Oui, les 48 h (et demi) sans internet ont été le suffisant pour me faire entendre que l'Enfer c'est pas tousjours Les Autes. Quelquesfois il est seulement une connection terrible...

  4. hey again peter. 'dags' are found at the back of sheep - the shit gets rolled into hard balls ('dags') that become stuck in the wool between their legs - you did ask! i thought i might have mentioned the kind of places you are after but will do so again in case not. all in le marais - 'open cafe' for breakfast, lunch and to see and meet people AT http://www.opencafe.fr/. and for sex - keller klub (which is a lot less gritty than it looks) AT http://www.kellers.fr/. promise to tell all! more to come if you are interested. as if not! nick

  5. OMG! I used to love your site till that last pic! Gross!

    LOL - ok, yeah they be funny.

  6. the thoughts it conjures up in your mind ... ! LOL greg