Monday, June 2, 2008

Mitch Hewer Plays a Gay Character in 'Skins'

I've just become aware of a new-ish British TV show - 'Skin's' - with a gay character Maxxie, played by Mitch Hewer ...

Mitch Hewer in his Centrefold for 'Cosmopolitan' Magazine - He posed naked to raise awareness for the Everyman male cancer campaign.

... who, at one point in the series, gets it on with Tony, played by Nicholas Hoult (from 'About a Boy' (2002) and other more recent films) ...

Nicholas Hoult in 'About a Boy' (2002)

... when Tony becomes bored with his girlfriend and wants to try something new.

I realized how great it was to see a young gay character so confidently and actively sorting out sexuality, his relationships with other and the world at large, and so on. In such a C21 NOW way!

Now Guys, I'm not passing over and this is certainly no sad apology for pedophilia - but I'm not going to pretend Mitch is not cute - super cute - just to meet an unthinking, absolute and knee-jerk slavery to ideological correctness. I'm simply saying it's great to see images of such beautiful young gay characters out there - particularly when the actor in question is in the 24-carat-gold adorable category.

A great site for tons photos and videos and music tracks of the various episodes of the series is ...

... but you need to cut and paste the link.

Some other video clips.

Blogger has had a stroke, caliption, whatever, so the formatting in this post (and some of the following ones) is fucked ... but the links and the videos work!

The first link is to a behind-the-scenes look at Mitch's 'Cosmopolitan' centerfold shoot. Where the actor-dancer repeatedly and relentlessly unleashes his 500-watt killer smile - putting anything Tom Cruise can manage in the C-Grade category!

The second two compilations revolve around the series, and have great music clip backgrounds. The first of these has some fab dance sequences with Mitch, and the second has a kiss between Maxxie and Tony.


  1. Just so you know, Nich Hoult's character Tony is straight in Skins. He only got with Maxxie (Mitch Hewer) because he was bored with his girlfriend and wanted to try something new.

  2. hey alex. thanks for the comment - the series hasn't come to australia yet - and i'm look forward to seeing it and getting a real/better sense of it. thanks again

  3. actually i think it's here but i haven't seen it guys. anyone know the network showing it? take care. nick

  4. Skins has been showing on Monday at 10pm on SBS. I've been addicted since the start. It is currently in its second (or is that third) series in Australia.

  5. Totally wonderful. Just what I needed after tea with The Girls.

  6. hey 'the' mrs astor - tea with the boys! exactly! take care (with them), nick

  7. hey victor. thanks for the info - shows how much TV i've not been watching lately! take care, nick

  8. OH MY!
    After seeing that semi-nude pic of Mitch Hewer, I feel like Oliver and want to ask, "Can I have more, Sir?" lol

  9. hey greg. just need to learn how to rotate the image - you'll be the first to hear of any success! take care. nick