Saturday, June 28, 2008

Howard Roffman (1955-) - Lawyer Turned Photographer

Maybe I'm still in the romantic mode that lead me to post the kisses compilations yesterday.

And I guess this is what has lead me to put out this Howard Roffman set of black and whites. Of essentially Belami guys.

So, some single guys ...

... and some blokes together.

I love the slightly out-of-focus and over-exposed qualities of these photos. And the way in the last few pictures all the limbs of the guys interlock as forms one with the other and back into each other to create harmonious compositions. Perhaps a bit self-consciously, but.

Their mood has a synergic effect on the romantic feelings I'm finding so difficult to elude, not!

Though I notice I've structured the set so there is a (slight) movement to raunch just at the end.


  1. Love his work.
    thanks for the wonderful looks at some of his photos.

  2. hey ray's cowboy. yeah, his work stands out for me at least. don't know that he's the greatest 'innovator' but the pics put me in a great state of mind. take care. be in touch. nick

  3. Even though I much much prefer color over black and white, gotta hand it to the guy for making a much better career choice!

  4. brave choice too - financially speaking. but sometimes life is too short not to do what ya gotta do.

  5. I'm totally captivated by the guy with the shaggy hair, the grin, and the round tattoo on his right shoulder--the first "single guy." He's a Bel Ami guy, too--Tom Fontana (?) I think that's right, unless I'm confusing his name with someone else.

  6. hey keith. good news - for you! i did a post on the shaggy haired guy jerking himself off on a bus among a group of friends - 'What to do on the Bus to Pass the Time' on 3 march 2007. great close up photos and everyone was having a hoot - enjoy !

  7. I love this black and white set, it epitomises this blog, really classy.


  8. hey jack - glad you like it! thanks for the appreciation - really makes it worth while! take care. nick