Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dancing Till Dawn - A Survival Update

Survived dancing till dawn and beyond, and even managed to get home without looking too much like our friend here ...

... who is probably still wondering who the 'artist' was.

Went with the ideal husband and kissed and cuddled and talked and danced. And kissed and ... you get the idea. In a word - 'perfect'.

Cruised into the ideal home bout 10am. Slept 5 hours and had some fellow-reveller friends over to do serious spa work and 'de-pressurize'. So many stories to tell - for so few hours of activity!

About to dig into some congee ...

... a kind of rice porridge base to which you add whatever - we threw in fish and some veg. Good - actually great - as post-party comfort food!

As everyone knows, there is now a point at which you have to decide whether to go on to a post-party party ... or, the unthinkable, go to bed early. To better survive the coming week, you rationalize.

So just before I hit the sack (:<), I thought I'd better tell you that, while this guy was not at the party, ...

... curiously enough, plenty of his identical brothers were - with, even more curiously for identical siblings, MUCH bigger dicks!

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