Thursday, June 12, 2008

'Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary'

So ... Yuri, Yuri, ... how does YOUR 'garden' grow?

"Very nicely, thanks mate!" ...

... "How bout yours?"

"Prove it!"


  1. Methinks I can see the silver lining, I mean the "silver bells and cockle shells"

    Yummy, scrumptious and I am off to Paris on the 06:45 Lufthansa flight Lisbon-Orly this 13th (there it is today already, yes? I get confused when bombarded by edible posts and exciting, journeys. Voyages.

    fot embracement avec des bais..kisses optional ;)


  2. bonjour pierre! bon voyage! and travel contrarily! and give all the details on your (anticipated) return. big goodbye hugs and kisses! nick

  3. Yuri, Yuri, where's your garden? It looks like you've weeded it clean!!!No more Roundup!

  4. at least he is in the market for a gardener - could i apply?!

  5. I wish I could come up with a witty comment, but I can't remember the rest of that verse. Oh well, I'd be ever so happy to help out Yuri not be so contrary, by whatever means, oral and anal, necessary!

  6. hey greg, i think the witty comment would be to rub some lube over his arse hole and stick ya dick in. he might groan - it's just the way of expressing laughter in his part of the world! so you'd have the right laughter response to ya witty comment!

  7. Yuri, Yuri, not too furry,
    What makes your yardstick grow?
    "Tongues, teeth, and hands upon my glans,
    And punk-boys who never say no!"

  8. hey keith. greg was looking for the witty next bit - thanks for supplying it LOL LOL!