Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dancing All Night - 'Inquisition Party'

'The Spanish Inquisition' Pedro Berrugete, 1475, Prado Museum, Madrid

The Spanish Inquisition was given great impetus in 1478 by a grant from Pope Sixtus IV to Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain to investigate baptized converts to Christianity suspected of remaining true to their original faiths. And things got out of hand.

In this context, I'm preparing to go to the Gay and Lesbian 'Inquisition Party' tonight - it'll be dancing and inquisiting behaviours till dawn and beyond. And hoping things will get well and truly out of control.

I've been in training the past few days - lots of sleep and pigging out so lots of energy on the night.

And now the biggest issue is getting the absolutely right outfit together - think it'll be a leather jacket and boots and an army tee-shirt I bought in Berlin.

Sadly, I'm hoping to dance to such un-Inquisition-like music as Carol Douglas's 'Doctor's Orders':


  1. While, as a Jew, I find the whole concept of an Inquisition themed party offensive and unforgivable, I hope you have a great time. Try not to spend too much time inside an Iron Maiden.

    Alan down in Florida

  2. hey alan. had a great time! thanks. the inquisition (at it grew) was directed at numbers of groups in society. like gays using the word 'fag' (originally a pejorative word used by the wider community) i take the view that to embrace/use word (or event) can change its meaning around - so we now own the word 'fag' in a positive meaning in a new meaning. and we owned the event last night as a fab gay event. take care. nick