Friday, June 13, 2008

Nick's New Dance Blog

Nijinsky in 'Le Dieu Bleu' (1907)

While photographs of dancers of bygone eras in role are in themselves fascinating, something is often missing. The essentials of the person pictured. Even in images of them off stage ...

Nijinsky (1910)

Nijinsky - Nude Sketch

And again as with Anna Pavlova - in role ...

... and then at home ...

... and backstage ...

Partly, it's about being observed as a character or as themselves.

Now there are a few films about that capture something is what is missing - it's so much more difficult to continuously maintain an artificial persona. Such as this clip of Pavlova touring in South Africa in 1926, where we see her intently listening to someone. Though looking elsewhere.

This blog then will attempt to catch both aspects - the performance and the person. Mainly in photographs and old movies.

Hope you enjoy -!


  1. Sounds like a fascinating blog. I wish you all success with it!

  2. thanks keith - it won't be for everyone - but then nothing is. accept dick blogs! take care, cya. nick

  3. PS - mainly i think i'll enjoy doing it!