Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Richard Du Bois - 50's Body Builder, Physique Model, Mr America, Movie Star and Evangelical Pastor

Funny what a bit (or a lot) of googling can turn up.

I'd seen beef cake Dick Du Bois about as a 50's physique model and body builder, mostly poolside. Pretty AND macho. That square jaw. And that smile - 50 million watts. To say nothing of his luscious bod. Doesn't your pulse just beat faster and faster!

But there was more. Dick became a winner of the bodybuilder's 'Mr. America' and 'Mr. USA' in the mid-1950s.

But there was more and more. He graduated to the movies as Richard Sabre, supporting Debbie Reynolds and Jane Powell in the 1954 MGM 'Athena' ...

... and Mae West in her stage act in Las Vagas and elsewhere.

But there was even more. As Richard Du Bois, he took on Pentecostal evangelism as pastor at the Gospel Lighthouse in West Los Angeles. For 19 years. Sadly there seem to be no pictures of this last and perhaps most dramatic phase of his life - where he was known for communing with extraterrestrials. Now that really would've been a great movie role.

Finally, I particularly like these kinda goofy shots ...

... and these private ones, which are nicely more casual, relaxed and intimate.

Dick Du Bois died recently Santa Monica, California, aged 74, leaving a wife, Gladys. And memories of a guy as cute as all hell ... and 50's slicked up hair styling of absolute perfection!


  1. I always thought he was really sexy, too--moussed-up '50s hair and all! I never knew anything about his Evangelical side, or that he'd been in mainstream movies.

  2. I'm not into body builders' physiques but this man's face and smile sure are winners.

  3. yeah, nor did i - till i hit google. but i guess all these early heart-throbs for 50's gays went on to do other things, perhaps not so semi-famously. i always imagine that they are locked into the period and don't exist outside it - which of course is silly!

  4. hey victor, i'm not necessarily into vintage but dick dubois has such a ravishing smile - so fucking sexy and super beautiful. could u want more!

  5. Actually I would want more, like he was young again and waiting for me on my bed!!
    Now that would be heaven!
    Speaking of heaven, rather strange how when you mentioned he was an evangelist I felt sorry for him wasting his life like that. lol
    To each his or her own.

  6. me too greg - i particularly love the first photo - absolutely perfect - to me. guess he needed a new direction at 55 when he joined the church - maybe less work was available at that point in his life for modeling - we live in such an age-ist society - LOL!

  7. A hot, beautiful and likable guy indeed. I'd guess that he must have catered to the 50's gay audience -- why pose in g-string except to reveal as much as he possibly could (then!) of his maleness? Too bad that we can (and only faintly) see his cock and trimmed(?) bush in the very last picture.

  8. yep, such a pity no nude shots. some guys did them, even the famous like joe dallesandro. maybe something will be unearthed !