Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Lingering Dream

I just woke from a dream. And it lingers on over the day.

I was on a train, noisily rattling somewhere on a warm summer day. A soft breeze caressing my skin.

There was a beautiful young guy standing beside me, holding onto the next handle strap and swaying side-to-side with the movement of the train. He was fresh-faced, with dark hair and lightly tanned. Slightly smiling - a small gap between his front teeth. Full wide lips. Eyes shut, to better savour the balmy wind.

He swayed round, to be right up against me.

I expected he would open his eyes and move away.

But he didn't. I could feel his body tentatively nudging mine. The silky softness of his face against mine.

And then I was awake.

It's hard to share such an experience. Re-reading this, it seems I've captured the way it was for me. But I'm wondering whether it conveys anything much to anyone else? Perhaps it's as difficult as it is to catch what he actually looked like. Which seems to change for me as the day progresses!

I long for such dreams, but they rarely visit.


  1. Dreams are very interesting to me. In some, we try to sort out some issues but others are more prophetic in nature. Only time will tell which of the two this will turn out to be.

  2. Excellent blog!!!!!!

    Now u can visit me and translate the text.

    See u

  3. hey zeky. just visited your blog - great! to translate posts here, you just click on the flag of the country whose language you want - thee are in the left hand column. take care my friend. nick

  4. Great blog. I had a very similar dream last night here in USA. I was standing at a bar and a man came up behind me and pressed very warmly and tightly against me for a long time.
    Then I woke up. Most of the night was spent with intense and pleasant dreams.


  5. hi douglas. i guess these dreams must be archetypal ones! did yours last into/thru the day?

  6. All I can say is that the dreams of that night were the most intense and vivid in a long time. I can still remember them today. Who knows, maybe the same spirit personality visited both of us within the same 24 hours.

    I just found your blog this week. Some of the best photos I've ever seen on a blog. The types you like parallel mine almost exactly. they seem like real people rather than models. I've been to Oz twice...'89 & '00. Fun place. I stayed with friends out near Blacktown. My trips to Oz changed my life and really expanded my horizons. Douglas

  7. hi douglas. perhaps a great urban myth, but people keep telling me that eating certain kinds of sea food can lead to intense dreaming. it seems the case to me. great to hear you've been here. i travel a bit, actually a lot. any plans to return here? did u travel round the country when u visited? take care.

  8. No plans to return to AU at this time. I went all over the Sydney area, Canberra, Adelaide, Broken Hill ,Melbourne. I'm a city guy mostly. I loved riding the trains around Syd. My friend in Syd. wants me to go stay at his house out in the bush. Not my thing really. I'd rather stay at his house in Kingslangley but his children, all doctors, are not that much fun. They're Indian. My next rip overseas may be to India as I follow the Vedic life a bit. But at this time that's just on my wishlist.

    Me, just your "ordinary" white guy about to retire. Have you been to USA? Take care, Nick.


  9. hey douglas. i have a friend who works in a nunnery in northern india and have some sense of the Vedic life from conversations with her. i've been to the US a number of times - to stay with friends in LA, San Fran and NY. will probably go again in the not too distant future. have you any kind of (non-australian) travel planned? i've done a lot but not target just a few places. tho life is full of surprises - i found myself in inner mongolia not so long ago - go figure! take care.