Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mystery Object - It Gets Harder!

A confession - I genuinely had no idea of what I was looking at when I saw this first photograph.

Nope, it's not your super fab C21 ball-point pen collection.

Three clues. Everyone of you has one or two in your home right now. And it's much closer than you could ever imagine. And you'll have one like this beauty here soon enough.

Ok, a more close-up view might help. Any wiser?

No? Mmm. Here is a photo of how 'it' will look in situ at home on your desk. PS There is some misleading redundancy in this pic.

You guessed! (Didn't you?)

Your next pocket-portable high-tech computer! The keyboard and screen are simply projected onto your flat objects of choice.

Don't wanna wait - I want mine NOW! I've always had problems with delayed gratification. Of every kind!


  1. Doubt that would work well on a plane! lol
    What will they think up next?
    Wonder where the CD or DVD goes?
    Where's the main computer section with all its memory gizmoes?

  2. hey greg. good point about the CD and DVD - maybe the concept is that the technology has moved on and these functions are now chips that slot into one of the 'pen things'. or there is a separate module for these which you USB when you need them. which for me is all the time. take care my friend.