Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Descent into the Bottom of the Garden - A Safari

Apart from lizards, cicadas, grass hoppers, different types of beetles, slaters, ants, a type of burrowing grub, millipedes, wasps, cockroaches, moths, mosquitoes, lady birds, dragon flies ... and so on and on and on, my bonsai-bijou garden is visited nearly every day by the most amazing number of different bird species - Indian Minors, sparrows, finches, honey-eaters ... and the following, captured by my trusty digital camera ...

Can you spot the elusive blue bird in the last photograph? On the branch, extreme bottom left.

Of course, no self-respecting garden fails to be stocked with a squillion types of spiders. Even of the poisonous variety - as evidenced in a recent raid by this deadly red back.

Less deadly dragon flies and and ladybird beetles also pop in less threateningly from time to time.

But nevertheless I'm now seeing venturing into the garden more like going on safari ...

... and wonder whether I need the safari jacket, pants and (most importantly) safari pith helmet?

Well, maybe only a butterfly net ...

Matisse 'Boy with Butterfly Net' 1907 - Minneapolis Institute of Arts

... to go with the trusty Nokia E90!


  1. Just how deadly is that "red back" spider? I'm not much into those crawly creepy bugs. I don't go running away from them. I just quickly kill them (unless its one of those "lady bugs" I suppose)

  2. Hey Greg. According to one website 'Toxicity of venom - the Red-Back Spider can inflict a painful bite which can be fatal, especially to the young and elderly.'. Take care - pun intended!