Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hidden Image Stereograms

Two Dolphins

Stare at this image - let your eyes go out of focus and try to look 'through' the picture, allowing a flat back ground to withdraw to the back and three dimensional figure/s come forward. You'll see two dolphins! Best to first click on the image and enlarge it - makes it easier to see the creatures.

There are two 'sets' of information in this image that allows your brain to translate the flat representationless image into the three dimensional picture of dolphins.

This hidden image stereogram is based on the principle of the stereoscope of Charles Wheatstone (1838). The viewer looked through the invention at two photographs of the same subject, but photographs taken from slightly different positions.

The two slightly different photos fed slightly different information to each eye. And the brain put all the information together into a three dimensional image.

Here are a few more stereograms...

Saturn and its Rings


Vase with Leaves

Two Dinosaurs

Don't be disheartened if at first you don't succeed. Just try try again. The key seems to be to really relax - a glass of wine or beer might help.

By the way, which stereogram/s did you like best? My faves are Saturn, and the dolphins.

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