Saturday, January 5, 2008

Classic Vintage Photographs

Denny Lister - Colt Magazine 1970

I've got a strong interest in vintage photographs. And, apart from any aesthetics that might be involved, I also actually like the 'time' journey they provoke. But this journey can be at a cost.

Let me explain. Lots of these older photographs I look at are 'dated' in some way or other. And this is not to diminish them in any way. All such images are ultimately locked into their era.

But there are a few photos that seem timeless - and become, in a special sense, 'classics'.

The initial one of Denny Lister in a 1970 Colt Magazine is one of them. And the following one of Ed Manning, also from the 70's, another.

Ed Manning - 1970's

These two pictures could both have been taken yesterday. Or the day before. Or last week.


  1. Hello, Down Under! This is an excellent blog, which I'll add to my links. Besides the men, I especially like the hand-colored (?) old travel photos. Your blog is full of beautiful things!

  2. hey keith! i've just added yours to my links - great blog - i'm a regular already. so i'll keep in touch. take care. nick

  3. I gotta agree with Keith, your blog is one of the best. Its strange with those "vintage" pics, or at least for me. I definitely do admire the poses that the guys of yesteryear did, but can't help but wonder what they look like now, or indeed, are they still alive?

  4. yeah, you are right greg - what do they look like now - scary thought! probably like my grandfather - wish you could see his pic right now. i like old photos in a limited way - that is, on occasion - certainly not for a daily diet!

  5. ...must disagree with nick's comments about the two pics being "classics"...they show two hot beautiful guys with appetizing cocks and all, but the pics are, to my eyes, otherwise unexceptional... what are the features that make them "classic", nick?
    P.S. Like everybody else I love your blog and your comments. YOU are the exceptional one.

  6. hey anon, thanks a lot for your appreciation - a lot! I was only thinking of classic in the sense of the way the guys are posing. and i guess they seem just right to me but that's just a personal thing. but you are right, what counts is that they are hot and beautiful. take care. be in touch! nick