Monday, May 11, 2009

Weedy Sea Dragons in Australia

Just been watching a program on a creature living in my own backyard, so to speak - the weedy sea dragon.

What totally got my attention was it's amazingly iridescent and varied coloration ...

These weedy dragons are found mainly in temperate waters off South Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales.

Living in kelp-covered reefs - so it's not rocket science to understand how their plant-like bodies evolved!

They are obviously related to sea horses but the males, instead of hatching young in a pouch, keep the eggs fixed to the underside of their tails.

Surprisingly, well, to me, they grow to a whopping 46 cms in length ...

After a gazillion 'Animal Planet' docos, it's great to realize there's still more things out there to dazzle and amaze!


  1. Have to say the dragons are cute. Thanks for letting us know there are dragon still out in the world.

  2. hey ray

    isn't it good they are still here - cos it means there must also be knights in shining armor ... somewhere!