Saturday, May 2, 2009

Gotta Be One of the Funniest People on the Planet!

What I love about Margaret Cho is that she's really in my world - it's the issues she takes on , the quirky very-on-the-edge sense of humour, the lack of any fained prudery ... .

And that FACE ...

... that would have me paralytic even if she were only reading the phone book ... in a quiet voice ... to herself ... in an elevator!

And that TIMING ... she can do the long long pause that's needed to get the audience quite quiet ... and desperately ready for more. No nasty rushing on and loosing the comic tempo.

Absolutely nothing more needs be said - just 'Heeeeeere's Margaret!'

And don't you just love the feeling of no compromise what-so-ever for a wider and more popular success!


  1. I have had Margaret Cho's site in my favorites for about 4 years. So sad when her TV show wasn't a success - I loved the show. aj

  2. hey AJ

    didn't know she had a TV show -

    and yes sad that it failed - do you think it was cos she was not mainstream enough?