Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another Inspirational Audition - Andrew Johnston

13 year old Andrew Johnston auditioned for Season 2 of 'Britain's Got Talent' in Carlisle.

He chose to sing 'Pie Jesu' from Andre Lloyd Webber.

And pretty much brought the house down.

Not being emotionally constipated, I'll confess I had a tear in my eye at the end. So there! Not just the hard-hearted sex beast with super big grunt ... that you had grown to love and cherish.

So now we'll have to build our relationship on an entirely different and more complex foundation!

PS Andrew went on to win the whole competition!


  1. Although Andrew Johnston should have won the entire contest. He did not actually win. He received third place. The first and second place prize went to dancing acts. George Sampson won first place and Signature won second place. Andrew Johnston did get a singing career out of the deal. His first album released is called "One Voice".

  2. hey anon

    thanks for that - the stuff i read on YouTube is obviously not the last word on things! so thanks for the correction.

    i think that with a lot of these competitions, if you get to the last few places you have a chance at a career - winning is good too of course!



  3. I think thaat boy has talent and after Susan recently it just goes to show that catawalling is not the only music around. This sort of music is beautiful and as yousay, Nick it brings a tear to your eye.How much modern pop crap does that. The boy deserves to do well and shame the bullies.

  4. hey juicer

    glad you liked him - so sweet and a beautiful voice - hope it doesn't go at puberty!

    and yep, bullies 'eat dirt'