Friday, May 8, 2009

The Gentle Art of Body Modification

You know those (hopefully few) times in your life when realize you're much more conservative than you ever imagined.

Body modification can be one of those times ...

... though curiously enough (well, for me) this guy's split tongue seems strangely erotic (!?) - so maybe I'm not as hopelessly mainstream as I imagined.

There are more possibilities here than you might first imagine, like 'clapping' (is that what's going on here?) ...

Of course more body modification means you widen your repertoire. But be warned that loud, prolonged and uncontrollable screaming may result from unsupervised watching of this next video.

If this seems all a bit ho hum or old hat, maybe you might consider some complementary tooth modification ...

But remember, when you're trying to silence someone whose modification has been modified in this way ...

... the expression 'zip it up' takes on a whole new meaning.

Would you believe B. M. is so common place now it's even a Wikopedia item -


  1. I'm sure the saying "to each his own" works here, but - lawdy! I just don't get it.

  2. hey greg

    yep, i think the phrase is the right one for here

    not going out to get it done myself - well, not right away

    never say never - but probably not

    i see so many students at uni doing BM these days i just feel a bit old-fashioned

  3. I know that I won't be around when these guys get to be Geezers, or even middle aged. Can you imagine what they'll look like then. People will cross the street to avoid them, and they'll feel abused and wonder where they failed. Asshole is as asshole does. And they'll all be as ugly as 10 assholes.