Sunday, October 26, 2008

'Nature Magazine' - Best Fauna Photographs for 2007-2008

Got the bit between my teeth with nature photographs - so I thought I should to a fauna post to go with the flora and landscape one.

The last photograph should always be a super cute one, don't you think ?!


  1. Always love to see photos and documentaries of Cheetahs (first pic)
    And I can't help but wonder what happened with that 2nd pic. Don't think that fish is going to eat the camera guy ... right? lol

    5th pic - now why do I think of that cartoon movie "Nemo" when I see that? lol

    I could go on.
    But wanted to say "cool job" to ya Nick for those nature pics.

  2. Wondrous!!!! But can you identify photographers and perhaps subjects... in fact a link to the source would be gr8... is that a huge grouper fish in #2????

  3. hey iain. wish i could - i usually put all the info i have on images like these - but sadly i was sent them by a friend, uncaptioned :<. so it's gotta be each of us doing some serious guess work! nick

  4. hey greg.

    i'm a bit cheetah (and leopard) addicted myself.

    reckon the guy in #2 is dins, with the little fish as entrees - that's one hungry gropper if i'm any judge.

    and with #5 - it's the cutsy twinkle in the eye that captain nemo's him! had a similar idea.

    my fav is the monkey in the tree vainly trying to catch some of those yummy bees, just out of his reach! well, each to his own i say!


  5. It was the two icy monkeys I loved best - a bit like me and my bf at the moment. Roll on summer, and the thaw!

  6. hey mark

    yeah! i want summer to come on too - tends to turn me into a Bonobo monkey - you know those primates who resolve all social problems by fucking - male to male, whatever:

  7. Another great post, Nick! I knew it, you're always into this "animal" thing. :-)

  8. hey frank


    the more animal the better - well, sometimes ... most of the time ... .

    wanna do something on Bonobos - as i mentioned in another comment here, they resolve all social tension sexually - a good lesson for us! LOL


  9. Oh, resolving issues in some parts of the world could be a lot easier then. LOL! Only that some countries have more female or male population and that could result to another tension. :-)

    Also Nick, can you link to Aleck's blog? I've linked you there today. A Naked Guy

  10. hey frank

    thanks very much for linking me - i've done the same for you

    BTW loved your blog - particularly how you can go thru to the videos of guys pictured

    PS - the only issue with the bonobo way of solving social tension is when the tension occurs between, shall we say, physically incompatible!