Sunday, October 12, 2008

Did You Ever Dress Up As a Kid?

Did you dress up as a kid?

I did ... but I reckon He has much better props!

So how bout you? No fibbing now, we're friends!

And remember dressing up can be all kinds of things - like wearing Uncle Dolly's leather fetish gear. Or ... ???


  1. semper i mean semper rex

  2. I did do dress up. like he did not not that good of props. I also held court at times.
    I also dressed up in my father's clothes at times.
    Once I went outside to get the mail in my mother's mink coat wearing nothing at all except the coat.

  3. hey anon, or simpering rex - i think the photographer has engaged in a little unnecessary censorship - with respect to the other 'crown jewels'

  4. hey ray's c. LOL - i will treasure the image of you slinking down to the mail box, only minked up!

    thanks for the confession - now one of my own.

    at 6, i tried on my grandfather's old suit - but was put off by the smell of cigars - so went for one of granny's dresses and her big glass bead costume jewelry - much better - but, strangely, this didn't lead to any kind of drag later on.

    i own a biker's jacket - say no more.


  5. Honestly, no I never dressed up as a kid. I did have an active imagination though. Like right now I'm imagining just how hot that front of that guy is!

  6. i believe you greg - there is a certain sincerity - in your typing.

    and yeah, as we are dealing with some fancy photoshop work i can't imagine why we are not given the full frontal! but there you are.


  7. I too did not dress up as a child - didn't have enough imagination then.

    The sight of Ray walking to the mailbox wearing nothing but his mother's fur coat was probably enough to create a neighborhood full of future bear lovers.

    Alan down in Florida