Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Phoning Home

A blond guy went to a world wide message centre to send a message to his mother overseas.

When told it would cost $300, he reached for his wallet, only to exclaim 'I forgot my money! But I'd do anything to get a message to my mother'.

'Anything?' the centre attendant asked.

'Yes, anything' was the reply.

'Just follow me' the attendant said, as he lead the blond guy to a small room.

'Close the door' - the blond guy did.

'Down on your knees' - and the blond guy complied.

'Pull down my zipper' - again the blond guy as he was told.

'Now take it out' - and the blond guy did.

The blond reached into the fly and grabbed it with both hands, brought his mouth closer to it, and while holding it closer to his lips, whispered:

'Hi Mum, can you hear me?'


  1. Should have known right away it was another one of those "blond jokes"! LOL

  2. hey greg. almost name the post 'a blond phoning home' but ... !