Friday, April 11, 2008

Are the Patterns Still? Or Do They Move? (Careful Now!)

The patterns are used to test the level of stress a person is subject to.

The more slowly the pictures move, the better your ability to handle stress.

Alleged criminals that were tested generally saw them spinning round.

However, senior citizens and kids see them standing still.

None of these images is animated - they are all quite still.

How did you do with the test?


  1. Hiya Nick, and howdydo and all that spunk ;)

    I am almost (but not quite) ashamed to say all images look perfectly still to me. I am kind of hoping that means I am a 'kid' but I have this awful/guiltily-pleasurable voice telling me "you dirty old man!". Take your pick.

    In any case, still loving the broad variety of subjects (:P) you manage to ..erm..insert in the Best Blog Ever



  2. i'll go for the 'kid' option! a kid at heart too, as well as other places. got something for the 'friends of portugal' (?) - from you my good friend? tell me about it. take care. hugs hugs hugs. nick

  3. Oh oh - I saw movement in those pictures! Does that make me a future criminal? Or is that just a piece of hog wash? lol

    There was some slight movement, at least to me, but nothing major. So I'm not a kid but I'm not a senior citizen... Guess that puts me in my 40's!

    Which I am! lol

  4. Hey, do you mean I am a criminal?
    I can see them all move, jeez, I have lots of stress?

  5. hey greg. so it's perfectly correct! no hogwash here. take care. nick

  6. hey again jon. sure you're not a criminal- well, not a bog one LOL. recko seeing them move is probably a sign of intelligence! what do you reckon? nick

  7. I have different reactions to the pictures. For me, the third one (red and green) moves quite a bit, the first one a very little bit, just barely, and the second one not at all. What do you suppose that means?

  8. don't know what it means keith - it happens exactly that with me too - probably just means that they do that! tho maybe it means we (you and me) are super intelligent - what do you think of this analysis! LOL. nick