Monday, April 14, 2008

Papyrus of Ani

Panorama of the Papyrus of Ani - Weighing the Heart in the Afterlife Judgment

The Papyrus of Ani is a famous Egyptian scroll of paintings and cursive hieroglyphs. It was produced in the 19th dynasty of the New Kingdom - 1295 - 1186 BC. And is an example of the genre, Book of the Dead. One was made for each person on their death. Such scrolls contain declarations and spells for use by the person in their afterlife. This particular example was made for Ani, a scribe from Thebes. It was purchased for the British Museum in 1888 by Sir E A Wallis Budge, who cut the 78 foot papyrus into 37 panels.

Funeral Procession of Ani - The Mummy on a Boat-Shaped Hearse Drawn by Oxen beside whom is the Mourning Wife

Ani and his wife Tutu drinking water from the Celestial Nile

This is a short visual-orientated post. I didn't to say too much about ancient Egyptian papyri, their iconography, hieroglyphic stylistics and so on - just let you enjoy the exquisite beauty of the paintings and script.

Above ten gods sitting in judgement. Below is the Psychostasia or weighing of the conscience.

The God Heru-Netsch-Atef leads Lady Anhai a singer in the choir of Amen-Ra at Thebes into the presence of some gods

The God Ptah-Socharis-Osiris within a shrine. Behind him Isis and Nephthys.

Isis and Nephthys the sisters of Osiris adoring on the right and left of the Tat a Symbol of Osiris.

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