Sunday, November 18, 2007

Recalcitrant Pumps

Yesterday, I saw simply the strangest thing.

There they were - almost waiting for me - on the way to my favorite Kings Cross cafe for a morning latte.

They didn't seem abandoned. They were far too organized. And perkily self-confident. I almost thought they would break into whistling a cheery tune as I passed. But they just smiled, quietly.

These rebellious black patent leather pumps appeared to have taken their destiny into their own 'hands' ... but then, inexplicitly, lost the vision of their future.

But were they, more ordinarily, only a performance work, installed by some students from East Sydney Art School, just a brisk five minute walk away? I refused to believe this mundane version of things!

I wondered if I should take them to the pound of the RSPCP or Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Pumps. Or let them roam free to find their 'way'.

Of course, being the kind of kind person I am, I decided on the latter course of action.

But not before I had a couple of snaps ... to prove to myself later that I hadn't hallucinated, or been suffering from dangerously low levels of caffeine!

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