Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Gary Larsen - Death Becomes Them + A Bunch of Dogs

I'm raring for another visit to 'The Far Side', otherwise known as Gary Larsen territory. Hope you wanna go there for a bit too!

Apart from the first cartoon, a sort of deliciously ghoulish 'death theme' seems to have emerged in the selection. Which was quite unintentional - or was it!

I love the bucolic whimsy of the last work. Set as it is on the vast open plains of ... perhaps Hampstead Heath. Or Le Jardin des Plantes. With its ferocious packs of indigenous poodles. And colonizing but now tentative giraffes, who are wondering to whom those bones once belonged.

Out of the five, which are your favs?

1 comment:

  1. I just love the Fifi panel. I think it is so laugh-out-loud funny. It has all the elements of the perfect crime. The dark and stormy night, the dumbstruck family, and the maniacal laugh of the chicken. I'd better be careful or I might just give myself nightmares!! :-P