Friday, November 23, 2007

Being Back

Home Again - Sydney

Been back a few weeks now - mixed feelings.

When you've been traveling six months, it kinda becomes the norm. And (often) you don't want that lifestyle to stop.

I stayed at least a month or two in most places and usually had a flat - one I'd furnished and stocked. Orchids seemed to be a must have!

Home Decorating - Manila Flat

So it wasn't a typical tourist stay - anywhere. I could do laundry. And cook in - for friends too.

Eating In - Manila

Tho I ate out a fair bit - usually local things I couldn't produce at home.

One thing that made it really like home was having the computer - will always bring it now. As long as there was a phone line, I could do dial-up - round $2 for a month in Manila. So email and blogging you!

I found I was much more social away - rarely being out alone. A sort of on-going daily party.

Local Restaurant for the Daily Lunch - Marilao

Of course I did sight-seeing stuff - all over the country as well as day outings from wherever I was. But it was mainly that the fact that I could, rather than I did.

There are things about being back that are great. But maybe another post - this one has been to give me the chance to look over my photos one last time!

Home - Sydney

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