Friday, November 2, 2007

Michael Owen - Absolutely the Hottest Football Player on the Planet

So, something on football - why not!

Michael Owen is without question the most handsome and sexiest football player alive, maybe even including dead players! Well, maybe dead is debatable, given the state of corpses. If you disagree, it's probably cos you had a big bowl of crazy for breakfast.

Michael was born 14th December 1979, in Chester, Cheshire England. And at present, he is a striker with Newcastle United.

Over his career, he has scored 40 goals in 85 games with various teams, and as such he is the fourth highest scorer of all time. For me he is the very highest scorer of any time. Tho perhaps I'm referring to something else.

And as he gets older, he looks hotter and hotter.

Don't you reckon! I haven't aged half so well. Though I must say, I started off with a slight disadvantage ... !

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