Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Spring Revelation

I was thinking about everyone confessing in their blogs of being a bit/very frisky, now it's spring in Sydney.

And interested that, in this state, some were having great success. 'RYAN' has been kissing boys in parks.

And others were not. 'Paul-up-Late' sadly mused on this - though I quickly explained it was cos he was so raging red hot that people were much too nervous to approach him.

Anyway, as I was out walking with a friend and his dog in the park this afternoon, it occurred to me why the second group wasn't having any success. It was there right in our faces. Couldn't believe I'd never thought of it!

So for 'the alone' and unsexed with good reason (me maybe, not you Paul!), I have the answer:

But, if this guy is not to your taste, just fill in the appropriate image.

But a warning. This technique won't work:

This pick-up technique works well, even if the other guy doesn't have a dog.

But it's better if you both do. The dogs get together, sniff each other and whatever. And then you get round to doing the same, usually a bit later! Though doing it in parks is not unheard of!


  1. hahahaha!

    I am off to the lost dogs home, or the RSPCA to pick up someones christmas present from last year...


    the dog + me + the dogs sad story = smiles all round

  2. Hmm. I just did a google search for gay men with dogs. My eyes! My eyes! There's some images I'll never forget! :P

  3. hi again paul - never thought of that angle of gays and dogs, but it's so obvious - sheltered upbringing is my excuse! should i go off to google? when i was traveling in greece, a guy told me he enjoyed feeling the egg while it was still in the chicken - go figure! he was/is straight. but, then, different things for different ... you know how it goes. cheers. nick

  4. hi yarraville paul! as a lead on, i know two guys who met at a pound - so this works every where. the dog one selected is with them both, 10 years on. and there is something about saving a dog that, however cynical you imagine you are, is really kewl. CYA Nick

  5. Somewhat 'sheltered upbringing' here too, but a dirty mind and a world wide web to corrupt it further. ;-)

  6. hey paul, think we must have been twins in a previous life - my sentiments exactly. :>