Friday, September 29, 2006

Julian Hans - 'Dieux du Stade'

Having recently strayed and cheated on the divine blonds (you remember my 'Fetish for Latins' post), I was snapped back to reality, browsing through the 'Dieux de Stade' 2005 calendar, a mostly nude photographic essay of the French rugby team.

My shame was made most acute by the luminous trancendant beauty of Julian Hans (below).

He doesn't get ya cock immediately hard and throbbing and dribbling pre-cum. I think it's cos he's an example of the first half of the old dichotomy of sacred and profane love. You just want to kiss him - a lot. And cuddle ... and eventually you might blow.

But the pic of his massive firm butt and thighs (no jelly - he probably plays the game a squillion hours a week) does in fact get some action happening between my legs. I guess I am only speaking for myself here. Or maybe not - what do you think?


  1. You state: "'Dieux de Stade' 2005 calendar, a mostly nude photographic essay of the French soccer team".

    Soccer, SOCCER! I'll have you know the game is called "rugger" or "rugby football".

    I'm going to report your "wordcrime" to the Dieux de Stade team and wouldn't be surprised if you are punished by a tongue-lashing into submission by the entire team of 2006 (which is just as good, IMHO).

    Otherwise, a very pleasant site. We have similar tastes (Musty blond Kip Knoll was always a favourite of mine).

  2. hey, crime of crimes!

    but if it guarentees a tongue (and other) lashings, it'll been worth the embarassment!

    i reckon kip knoll was one of the first guys i saw on porn - an old gritty film of kip in a (wait for it) disco with a greek guy and, well, u know the rest!

    anyway, thanks for the education - liked your blog too - always enjoy visual illusion graphics



  3. Rugger boys rule... its the firm hairy thighs and bums. I go to the gym with one of the boys from work (he plays at the weekends).. lets say its a highlight to see him change.. Damn.. am hard again.

  4. where is that gym!!?? my father used to take me to the changerooms after football matches - can't imagine why - i looked forward to that, not the game itself!

  5. Errmm its in the city in London. It full of rugger type boys.. some hot sights for the old wank bank. Only ever coped off with one.

  6. hi joshua again - itn't he just - i wanna kiss and kiss and kiss him. can't imagine going for the cock but then .... in bed i'm sure i would get around to it! nick