Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dean Geyer - Potential Australian Idol 2006 Winner

A total hottie called Dean Geyer is a contestant on the 2006 Australian Idol.

From South Africa and now living in Sydney, he is a musician, has black belt in karate (so the bod is sizzling hot) and ooses contained charisma +++. The last pic is a few years old - he now has a hairy chest. You can see him in action: in the performance that got him into 'Idol', in a performance two weeks ago, and in his last week's performance.

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  1. He is very hot souh african twink. but very average voice, nothing to write home about; then again, I saw nothing in Aussie idol that caught my ear..

    so yes, he may well win because of his looks rather then his singing ablilities...


  2. hi adrian. i was saying exactly the same thing tonight - and dean geyer said, after his perfomance on idol tonight, that there were lots of people in the competition that had better voices. apparently he only entered at the last moment - a sign of not being confident about his talent maybe. he composes is own material but that doesn't mean he can sing. i thought could win but now i think people are seeing he cute and charismatic but not up to the standard of some of the others. but, then, there are a lot of pop idols with not so great voices who are famous. people respond to the package. best. alex

  3. You guys hv said what i wanted to say so i'll just say that I like Damien the Irish lad the best! Shoot me for wanting young daddies.

  4. yeah alfred, i think dean is cute but no where near as talented as bobby (the guy with the 'big' hair) or damien. cheers. nick