Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ross Watson

Ross Watson, a Sydney-based painter, works in a super-realist style. He' s gay and (maintaining the theme of 'Vintage Cuties: Jo Dallesandro, Perseus and Doryphorus'), often draws on well-known masterpieces, but includes present images. The three following pairs show Ross's painting and then the sources: works by Friedrich (1835), Titian (1520) and Christus (1470).

The first Watson painting includes Paul Licuria, a less-than-unattractive Collingwood football player:

These works are pretty-much in the 'one-handed' look category, rather than serious art.

Now comes the bit that set me off putting this down about mixed works. At a Sydney exhibition opening, Ross indicated I could commission a work from him - with myself included in the painting! My mind began to boggle with the possibilities. But I was deflated somewhat when he indicated the design must be wholly his. But of course, I went on to fantasize possibilities, becoming my own artist in the process:

Maybe the obvious structural discontinuity (not to say impossibility) between my own head and Michaelangelo's neck gives the new work a certain charm? Though perhaps my skills with Photoshop are not quite up to the great task?!

However I must say, conceptually (and so aesthetically, spiritually, cosmically ... :>>), I have moved way way beyond Ross in that my past and present images are so ingeniously integrated (a big fat belly laugh must be inserted here). Do you think he is quivering in his boots? And wondering where the hell his stuff will go to now on?

Go on - what are your fantasises in this mode? Michaelangelo's 'David' with your dignified and classic face staring meaningfully into the distance? Leoarndo's 'Mona Lisa' with that enigmatic smile of yours slithering across her face? You know 'that smile' - the one you put on as you are about to sidle up to a cute bloke at your usual gay venue on Saturday night.

Anyway, I am sure you can imagine the following 'classic' guys with my face (or yours). Or not!!!


  1. The art is totally awsome and the cocks are great also.

    San Jose

  2. hi don pato, thanks for the encouragement! i've just been looking at your blog and i realise we have very similar politics - and gay politics too - have u seen my posts on 'Political Incorrectness' (mainly about the Afghan war), and 'History of Gay in Russia' (about the Cambridge Four, gay attracted to socialism and so to espionage)? cheers. nick