Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Day and a Night in the Country

Well, I'm at it again, but (:<) not quite as successfully as I'd hoped.

At the end of last week, I spent a day and a night at a friend's week-ender - in the countryside about three hours out of Sydney.

After a good night's sleep and in an exceptionally optimistic mood, I headed into the sun-drenched garden, camera at the ready.

The shoot seemed to go well and I dashed back inside to my puter - to download the images ... and gloat. Suspect I had that particular smug look, just all over my face!

But I tell you, absolutely no gloating took place - at all at all.

Back outside to reprise.

No luck, again - :<.

I'd lost IT. Completely. And with no notion of how to get it back - :< :< :< !!!

I could have just ditched the entire 'collection' ...

... but I obviously didn't and so I'm officially ducking ... to avoid the volley of brick bats!

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