Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All in the Timing

This morning, I was watching this little clip of W C Fields being 'interviewed' on set some time in the 1930s.

The interviewer makes almost all of the jokes and Fields mostly just reacts - with a noise or a few words. Often drawled out in his inimitable style - way beyond what you'd think was humanly possible.

And it suddenly occurred to me - with no little surprise - that I was roaring with laughter ... in response to the great comic!

The clip is hilarious at the end where Fields feigns awkwardness at being the seeming butt of all these jokes, with an abrupt ...

'Let's get on with the script ... I've gotta work'

Followed, in a perplexed and pondering tone, with ...

'You bring up the funniest things'

It's all in the timing!

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