Saturday, April 25, 2009

Denis Matvienko - Ballerino at the Bolshoi

After posting on Angel Corella and getting various suggestions about other good dancers around at the moment, of course I did some of my own googling ... and came across Denis Matvienko, a ballerino at the Bolshoi Theatre. Funny - I hadn't noticed the term 'ballerino' sneak into usage - bit it seems to have.

As well as being able to create the right degree of Arabian exoticism for the role, Denis has a great jump and a lovely high floating 'ballon' ...

... quite amazing extensions ...

... a terrific sense of line and sculptural placement of the body in the space of the stage ...

... and - well, you know what this shot is all about ...

Being cute and blond and wearing nothing but pink silk harem pants and a feather is all good.

In the last sequence of the video I've put together, perhaps the menage around the stage needs a bit more 'ornamentation' - a double 'tour en l'air' would be good!

Picky picky picky!


  1. Brilliant performance - the harem pants and feather are delicious.

  2. Nice man-ass on that guy.
    Reminds me of the somewhat famous russian(?) Mikhail Nikolaevitch Baryshnikov (had to do some googling for that one!) from yesteryear.

  3. hey greg

    hasn't he!

    ballet is good for the butt!

    and has produced a perky bubble effort here

    yep, he does remind me of Baryshnikov too - and you're right - Baryshnikov is of yesteryear - hadn't quite realized that he's now from a different era!

    two hotties!



  4. hey anon

    thinking of getting a similar outfit for myself - LOL - but it'd have to be strictly 'at home' wear!