Tuesday, April 7, 2009

As Cute as a Button - The New VW IPO

The new VW, designed in Hamburg, Germany and to be available in Shanghai in 2010, will be a mere $AU900 or $US600!

This tear-shaped single-seater with a 1.7 gallon/6.8 litre tank gets 258 miles per gallon or round 100 kilometres per litre - and has a top speed of 75 miles (120 kilometres) an hour.

I seriously want one and, if I ever did, only hope I wouldn't drive up someone's trouser leg!


  1. yes i love it but how much will it cost a bit like the old bubble car
    great i ham so looking foward to it

  2. what happen to your other blog? email me you ok?

  3. hey anon

    and a snap at $US600 / $AU900

    and yep there is the VW family resemblance going on

    when i was in europe for an extended period a couple of years back (actually 2003 - time flies!) there was a very short little car - for easy parking - called ? - forget!

  4. Fascinating car alright.
    But ARE they going to be able to sell it in the U.S.? Somehow I doubt it very much.

  5. hey greg

    not sure whether it is just for the China market or not

    if for wider distribution, it'd get people into cars that are usually financially locked out of new car purchase

    begs the question of putting more cars on the road tho - not sure that better public transport's not the way



  6. Hey Nick, the car you were thinking about in Europe is the Smart car, good for city life and parking.

  7. hey juicer

    the 'smart' car - thanks!

    seen a few round sydney and guess they're becoming a world-wide phenomenon